Spring Events

Gold and White Balloons

spring auction

March 16-20 — ONLINE!

The Spring Auction raises over $20,000 for Rio del Mar Elementary. This year's theme is "Summer Vibes" and it will be ONLINE only this year. We rely on sponsorships and donations from local and corporate businesses and parent volunteers to make this a successful event. Donation request form is here

Chairs: Liz Ricks

Volunteers Needed: 50+

+Procure donations

Kids Running

jogging for rio


Formally known as Jogging for the Arts, Jogging for Rio raises money for a specific need for our school. It’s an exciting, fun filled event that our students and teachers really enjoy! Jogging for the Arts raises close to $10,000!

How it Works: Students are encouraged to ask family, friends and neighbors to support their running efforts by pledging either per lap donation or a flat donation. The event is held during school hours on the upper playground track. Students and teachers by grade run as many laps as they can in 10 minutes. Parents are encouraged to attend and cheer on our runners! 


Chair(s): Nina Kinkead & Carole-Anne Byck

Volunteers Needed:  15 +

+ 1-2 hour shifts during the event to lead warm-ups, bring classes to the track, hand out snacks, mark hands, and collect pledge forms

+ Set up/tear down

spring author's book fair


The Santa Cruz County Reading Association and The Santa Cruz County Office of Education jointly sponsor this annual event. The purpose of the Student Authors’ Fair is to encourage students to write their own books and then to recognize these students by sharing their books in this public venue. 


Held annually, in the spring, our students' written works are gathered and showcased at this public fair in the Capitola mall. The fair is for students, families, educators, and community members to enjoy.


Chair: TBD

Volunteers Needed:  10

+ 1 hour shifts to staff the book table at Capitola Mall 

staff appreciation luncheon


The staff appreciation luncheon is the Parent Alliance's way of showing our gratitude for all the amazing things the entire staff of Rio del Mar do for our children and our community. It is a celebration of their commitment to our children’s bright future. 

Hosted in the spring, the MPR is transformed into a beautiful dining room filled with fresh flowers and décor!  Help celebrate the teachers and staff that make our school great!



Volunteers Needed:  20+

+ 1-4 hour shifts to help with set up, food service, and clean up 

+ Contribute food, beverages, and/or decorations

fundraising for 6th grade science camp


The following fundraisers are grade-specific to help offset the costs of 6th grade science camp:


4th Grade Bake Sale | Hosted at Open House 

Chair: TBD

Volunteers Needed:  10+

+ 1-2 hour shifts to help with set up, food service, and clean up 

+ Contribute food and/or beverages 


5th Grade Burrito Feed | Hosted at Open House

Chair: TBD

Volunteers Needed:  10+

+ Order & arrange delivery of food from D’La Colmena

+ Distribute pre-order flyers prior to open house

+ Check families in for dinner 

+ 1-2 hour shifts to help with set up, food service, and clean up